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About Us

We provide you a relaxing and cozy accommodations and

outdoor experiences in Finnish Lapland.


Our accommodations are located to our farm where we also live. Our house was built in the 1880s and you can feel the history when you come here. We saw this place and thought that this is the place where people can have an amazing holiday and new experiences.


Here you can enjoy summer, spring, autumn and winter activities!

What do you think about snowshoeing, ice-fishing, kicksledding and hunting the Northern Lights? Or picking up fresh berries, hiking, hunting and fishing?

Our place is an excellent starting point for all of that.


Winters are dark and magical, springs are times when Birds are singing and ice is melting, Summers are full of Sunlight and autumns are painted with a beautiful colors.


Our place is situated in Kaukonen village of Kittilä – in northern Lapland (from Helsinki 943 km). Kaukonen is one of the largest and

oldest Villages on the side of Ounasjoki river.

Nearest airport is located in Kittilä 20 km from our place.

Levi and Ylläs SkiResorts are both about 30 minutes

drive away from our place.


Welcome to experience an unforgettable vacation in the Finnish Lapland!

Feel free to contact us and ask for more.


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